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Ora Watch UK staff

Ora Watch UK staff

ORA Watch UK is a unique Horological atelier designed to carry out all aspects on servicing, repairing and restoration to all watch, antique, vintage and modern, mechanical and quartz.

It is well known historically, that a timepiece is an instrument for measuring time. Also, it has been proven that watches are also a piece of jewelry and we tend to forget that watches and clocks are as well, a very personal item to owner’s personality.

Therefore, we consider to look after each timepiece very carefully on a bespoke basis, where we undertake services with deep understanding a meaning of each timepiece to its owner.

All work is carried out in our well-equipped modern workshop with strict criteria’s to hygiene. From start to finish every timepiece will go under strict control and supervision from our Swiss trained and long experienced staff.

Proudly we say … time spent well in each timepiece…